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35. Separate Collaboration

~ Tatsuhiko point of view ~

The next day after the incident, I have been in the waiting room since morning. Then I receive a message from the nurse saying that the ranch soldier has woke up. When I go to the sickroom, the ranch soldier has sad eyes on the bed.

"I was glad that your consciousness seemed to have returned, so is there any pain?"

"There are none, thank you for helping me."

"No, it's such a natural thing to do, I did not contact the army because I did not know how to do it."

"At the point in time, when there is no scheduled report in the military facilities, so I'm sure they already know the incident."

"Accident ... is that an accident?"

"Is there any possibility that such as being attacked from somewhere?"

Today I planned to see the state of the town, but that was why I stayed in the waiting room. If I was aimed for some reason, then it should have already come out that I have arrived at the neutral city safely.
Then, there is a possibility that I will be targeted again here. So I could not move from the waiting room.

"I think that the possibility of attack from the rebel army is low because the flight route of the ship is sailing within the sphere of influence of our army, I do not think it will attack the ship of a neutral city in the first place"

"Okay, is it that the enemy forces of your army set a bomb before departure?"

"It's probably impossible.
I think that there is no point in placing a bomb on a transport ship going round-trip everyday.
When they aimed at us, it was difficult to get permission to board a ship, so it would be difficult to get on with the timing."

"Is that so..."

"My mind is overwhelmed, that the accident happened at a great timing.
Sorry for the trouble...... By the way, what happened to the people who were flying? "

"There are a certain number of fractures and bruises, and you are heavier in terms of the degree of injury.
Because there is no place to grab on the corridor, you was unlucky.
That's right, I'd like to ask one. "

"……What is it?"

"I heard there are wooden people on this planet, do you know?"

"Wood man ....... Yes, I know that there is such a monster.
For that reason it is forbidden to enter the forest without having weapons. "

"Is the conversation established?"

"I do not think so.
I have never heard of such a story."

"Ok, thanks.
As I talk for so long, I will worsen the wounds, I will leave in this."

I left the sickroom.

Regarding the trees, we implicitly asked people in neutral cities, but the answer was the same. A conversation is not established with a monster attacking people.

After that, a person who appeared to be a Sarnia's army appeared, and I was returned to the former base as if being taken.

Bulldog military personnel only said "It was a disaster."

After having smiled wryly, I told that I started production.

"Well, should I do it?"

The direction is fixed. New materials that I can use are handy for everything. What I want will be in shape in a short time.

"This is dangerous if I take it home to earth."

I thought to take it secretly, but I could not bring it out because it have an unknown composition, so I gave up.

"I just can't get used to this appearance."

Over the course of three days, I built ten large and small statues.

"Oh, you was able to make it"

"Yeah, it is a stone statue that imaged a tree suitable for the planet Sarnia of the forest.
Please leave the two large ones on the left and right of the entrance and the small ones in the standouts and waiting rooms of the aisle. "

It seems that the stone statue that shaped tree knows goodness even for an amateur person. Bulldog soldiers have a full smile.

"Well, I was done here.
How about yours Shino. "

~ Shino point of view ~

As soon as I and Usako returned to the base, Gamigami-san came.

"It is troubled if you go out without permission!"

"There is no problem if there is a follower holding a baggage.
Besides, I think that there is no way to restrict the behavior so far. "

"Still, a selfish behavior is troubled.
What were you doing at the hospital last night? "

Well, after all, you have watched it separately.

"When I was walking in the city, I met a person on a transport ship that just crashed, I helped a little for the rescue."

"I know.
But above that you no relationship?"

"In the words from my star, there are things up to the dishes if you eat poison.
I do not want to know about it halfway, so I went to visit.
But I did not wake up and I think I returned to the hotel in the evening? "


I did not say it daringly, but the current proverb includes the nuance of doing bad things. I do not notice.

"Well, I got tired, so I will take a little rest.
Since I will start production in the afternoon, do not disturb me. "

I go to my room and lie down on the bed without hearing a reply. A sleepy attacked right away.

I got a little sleep and my head got clearer.

"Well, Okay!"

I have decided.

In order to start production, I enter the work room. Although the general idea is already made, it is difficult to form it.

"Well, first the appearance according to my image ...... is like this"

The size is fine. The form of the building that imaged a large tree would not be possible yet with Japanese building technology.

A vibrant feeling of powerful trunk and geometric pattern of branches extending the utmost leaves.

"Hmm, I can do it beautifully"

After checking the appearance in 3D, I will think about the inside of the building.

Images of stone statues of Tatsuhiko are calculated, and light intensity and visual information are calculated.

"... It's kinda hard, is it?"

I trial and error, I verified it many times and I will make it little by little.

Little by little, little by little, a small amount of ants are broken so as to break the sugar cubes, but they are going forward.

How long have passed?

I had several meals and took a nap.

The memories during that are hazy. But my thinking was occupied by the details of the building. Make it in detail and accurately.

The last panel is touched.


I did it. I feel I could expand my possibilities one more.

I fall from both feet. My energy ran out after a long time.

Let's take a short rest. I lean on the wall and slept as it is.

~ Minoru point of view ~

"Ah, this tea is good."

Warm and flaky


"This rice cracker is also quite good"

"When I get old, I won't be able to eat hard food.
If you do not mind, would you like to eat here too? "

"Ah, okay, thank you."

Crunch-Crunch........ Ah, delicious.

"It's a beautiful garden. It is well maintain."

“Well when I am free, I took care of it.”

Hmm, relax, heal, relieve.

"Oh yeah, that's it ... As for what I came for today ..."

I decided to cut out the main subject to my grandmother. Because I becomes seriously forgetting about it when it came like this.

As for what happening right now, is because of the memo left by leader.

In order to make a company, you first need the address of the place where you do the main work, that is, your permanent address.

Even if its a store or office, you must rent this first. I already got funds to start up, so I decided to have an office in front of the station and visited a real estate agency.

Listening to various stories, I found a good property, but somehow my rebellious spirit towards the leader suddenly went up. When I thought about it, she told me that she entrust the property to me.

"I'm sorry, I would like to see this"

"Well, this one?"


"I heard that you are going to make a company in the future, but mostly who just started will get a smaller property first...."

"Could you show it for a moment?"


The property was slightly away from the station, but you could not feel it's oldness as the number of years, because the foundation is solid.

"Okay, I choose this."

"... .... Ah, yes, thank you.
So I will explain the contract once we returned to the office... "

Although details are omitted, I decided to rent one whole three-story building with a parking lot.

After that I can open a bank account, just submit the documents to the government office after payment is over. The problem for now is the site acquisition.

According to the memo of leader, it is that I should go myself rather than leaving it to others. As I was told before, when asking a dealer, there seems to be quite a few people saying "I will refuse for the time being" as well.

Since it will not proceed unless I listen to their story, it seems best for me to go first, as I am local here, I probably indirectly know some of them.

So, I started from the owner of the land adjacent to the field, but it was a house I certainly knew.

"Before this, my mom asked me to bring this steamed potato and say thank you from before."

"Oh, yes, thank you."

Nevertheless, there is an interaction.

Okay, so with such reason, I decided to go around each house talking. Although I can only spin four or five times a day.

When I relaxed in my room at night, the sliding paper-door opened and my older brother came.

"Hey, what are you doing lately!"

"Recently, since I will be in the house till spring, I'm saying hello to our neighborhood"


*whack suddenly*

While I was talking to my family about story at the house I was caught yesterday,My brother will come to pruning the garden tree tomorrow. Because I was talking to him, I left without talking about land acquisition, but I was good not to start negotiations.

You might notice something about what we are doing, but you will not get to the truth.

"Well, I still have plan for tomorrow ..."

I wrote today 's event in my notebook, I went to bed after confirming the schedule for tomorrow.

~ ※ ※ ※ point of view ~

『Is not it overkill to drop a ship? 』

『You blew up where there where no people present, do not tinker with the inertia for a moment.』

Even so, there may have been deaths.

『Anyway they had to encounter it. Compared with the fact that one race might disappears from this universe ... 』

It is me who will be haunted by various things.

Have you given the finest clothes for that? 

『It is a measure taking into account all risks.』

『It does not change what you bothered, Please bill it for our race』

I understand. Well then. 


Calls from the planet Sarnia and the spacecraft, which were said to be unable to talk, quietly ended.

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34. Rescue and answer

~ Tatsuhiko point of view ~


Before my line of sight is Shino who went to the Sarnia something government. Why is she here?

"Geh, Shino?"

Shino face instantly become ugly because of my words.

"Wait a minute, you do not have to say that! Geh ha!

"No, You are wrong. Because Shino is here meaning this is an enemy's city?
So I was just surprised. "

"Too bad, this is a neutral city.
If you were on enemy land, I had capture you, interrogate you, and make you obedient, but it was a such shame!"

"... It was good that this was a neutral city, seriously?
Also, is that S-like remark that sometimes manifest in yourself, how do you do that?"
(TN: 'S' = Sadist)

What's wrong with that? Why are you in such a place? "

"Ahh, the ship which I was on crashed in the woods.
Since I was only one safe, I aimed at the nearest town.
I think that it was the ship of this city that crashed.
I would like to request a rescue, but do you know where I should go? "

Shino's face becomes stern.

If it is a rescue, I think they will manage is somehow at the terminal."(Usako)

"Ahh, the place where we got off"(Shino)

"Yes, there are also control towers, and all spare airships and fast-flying aircraft are there."(Usako)

"Okay, I'll head there, show me around.
... Well, who are you? "(Tatsuhiko)

"She is something like my attendant, call her Usako!"(Tatsuhiko)

"Ehh?! Usako??"(Usako)

She's mumbling 'that's my name?'. Shino seems to have named her base from her appearance of a small animal.

"Life is endanger, please guide me quickly"(Tatsuhiko)

As I said that, Usako was startled and began to lead the way saying "This way".

I stands out with the robot, but it cannot be helped. I ran away to catch up with Usako who's running ahead.

Usako seems to have the ability to immediately judge what was said, and solve it. Compared to young people of the same age, it is a great differences. She talked about the situation at the terminal and immediately finished the rescue arrangement.

With the tracer attached to the robot, they easily knew where the crashed happen. Originally it is a position information system that does not skip or mistake the place, but this is convenient.

"I will also go. Shino, can we meet later?"

"I'm going to stay in this city tonight, so it is okay."


I operated the bracelet. Shino returns the sign of OK with her fingers. Apparently, within this city it seems possible to communicate with a bracelet.

"Well, I'll go and get some help"

As I said so, I boarded the ship with the rescue team.

~ Shino point of view ~

I breathed out sign of relieved when I saw the ship took off.

"Somehow, that's kinda cool"

It seems that his human life have taken on, I do not know the detail, but Tatsuhiko was saved because the clothes we got from the goat merchant. He was able to reconfirm that he was able to go help other people rather than cherishing his saved lives. Well, it might be cool.

"...... How long will it take to make corrections at my usual weak-willed?"


I am looking at Usako feeling curious. By the way, I did not explain anything.

"He from a little while ago was Takahiko from the same Planet Chance as me.
He was in charge of decoration of the upcoming Peace Conference and invited by the military army, okay? "

"Oh, yes, so it was that something like that?
Are all that was from the Planet Chance like Shino was such an artists?"

"I do not think so, perhaps, but probably .... Well, I guess that is the case."

How should we think that there are only five residents now?

"Well, whatever it was, I was saved.
Thank you for guiding me."

"No ...... And also it is a residence of this city, it is our homeland and I think that it is our place to say thanks."

"Speaking of that, two camps was fighting for one star."

"Yes ... .... The conflict continued over the ownership of this newly found star, and the one who started the development earlier preferred the colony, but the damage by the opponent's opposition came out "

"Wow, it looks somewhat muddy but ......"

"The army acting to defend and obstruct the opponent, it got strange from around where the military came to take the administration ..."

"It's a Military Government"

"That's right.
The real culprit was an intelligent person.
Thrusting the neck to the person like the person who approves and the prospector who aimed for catching a lot of money,
It has been in the mid-independent form and it is now. "

"It's become quite troublesome.
I'm sorry, but I will let you break away as soon as I'm done. "

"Perhaps it is not a long goverment like everyone is saying"

Usako made a bitter smile.

The bracelet trembled at night. By the way, I remember it as a vibe function. 

Although it was okay to call in the room, but it will be trouble when consulting with the presence another person. So Tatsuhiko borrowed a waiting room for the family overnight at a hospital, so I decided to go there. You are not my family you know.

"Yo, this one managed somehow.".

Because we share same room at the hotel, I brought Usako along with me. If it's an important story, I will have her wait outside.

"I would like to hear a detailed story. What happened and how did it happen?"

"From the conclusion, I do not understand, it was evening when the rescue end, I do not know yet if it's an accident, terrorism or external attacks.
I got a lift on the carrier that was returning to a neutral city, and it exploded on the route and fell.
Two crew members and my attendant were heavy injured, I just scanned the hull for safety, but no one was on board."

"It's not calm."

"Oh, it was okay. Then I was driving at the forest to call for help, but I met a tree.
I wonder what I should say, it's like an entity from the Lord of the Ring story. "

"Is that a tree with a trunk that's looks like a face?"

"Yes Yes.
And it seems he say his people are being killed rapidly since the humans came."

"Then those people are indigenous people here.
Then ...... will that mean that humans are invading this star?
Hey, Usako ... What does it mean? "

That monster can talk?"(Usako)

"Can't talk?"(Tatsuhiko)

"I have never heard of such a story.
This neutral city was also attacked once ...... Because it expanded the city first, it did not have a fence, but since the monster attacked, I heard that it was made to surround around it. "

"It's a fellow who went to negotiate.
I was told that nobody came back. "

"I heard that it is a tree monster that show it self just groaning ......"

"That should not be.
I heard it with this ear.
Ahh!! Of course, with translation function ... damn! "
(TN: So in short, a tree monster show up and want to communicate but they did not understand him so they attack it while Tatsuhiko can talk to the tree monster because of the translation device)

Tatsuhiko suddenly quieted.

"What's wrong?"

"So that's it ...... It was something like that? That goat merchant ... ... has something to about it."

"What, you understand it alone.
What do you mean? "

"Oh, I remember Shino, when we handed in a ribbon translator, the word the goat merchant said ..."

『With this you will not bothered by words in that star now.』

"We do not have trouble with words with this star ..."

"That is it, shit!
He knew, he knew it.
And then, he was hiding it... No, he told the request in a weird way to screw it."

"He said such a thing.
Not from the mediating race, it was a request from each side "

"In the process, things about the trees disappeared, that is intentional."

Then, what was the real intention of the conciliators?
Hmm? I feel like I get caught in something.

What is this strange feeling.

"Hey, I thought there was a race that is in mediation now, did they come to this planet to stop the conflict between humans?"

"...... ?!
Originally, they may have come to mediate the conflict between the races of humans and trees."

"That's right.
However, the representative of the human side is fighting because it is divided into two camps and it is not functioning. "

"If so, they decided to peace talk and once again decide on a representative and then enter into mediation ..."

When the human side peacefully becomes one, it is put into mediation. For that purpose they asked for the best talent from the goat merchants. They may have told the story to the human side.

They have changed the content of the request so that their factions work advantageously. Therefore, it became an irregular thing called subtly different request.

"Having said so, have you decide what you will do?"(Tatsuhiko)

"Yes, of course, I have the same opinion as Tatsuhiko."

"Then, let's pack it in detail"

We talked with each other until the night was over.

~ Minoru point of view ~

Tatsuhiko and Shino went with the goat merchant. And also Leader and Miya went with Prokame.

I am the only one left, but I have something to do here.

First, the defense of the stars.

It seems that we can cover the entire star with force field using the guardian's ring power. However, it seems to be a temporary measure when the guardian leaves the star. It will be automatically released if the guardian returns to the star.

It seems that this force field can be destroyed if it is above a certain level of civilization, but using it is the last resort. Anyway, the member of Prokame still remains here and is investigating ruins. If I create a force field, they will not be able to contact and move to the outside.

And the other is a list of "what to do in the planet" written on the paper handed by Leader.

"Somehow, it is troublesome negotiations only ...."

Three things to do are written in the list.


1. Establishment of company
2. Acquisition of nearby land
3. Get the cooperation of Three Oni Family

※ For detailed explanation, see page 2.

"............ Ha?"
I saw the second page.

【Company formation】

Company Name : Planet Chance Migration Station

CEO                       Yabane Minoru
Board Member    Agano Sae
Board Member       Kuonji Tatsuhiko
Board Member       Tsumura Shino
Board Member       Takamagahara Miya

Settlement date March 31

Below, the outline of the company is written as follow. It seems that all required documents have been created. I will have it and register the company. A pain in the neck I wonder why I am the CEO.

【Land Acquisition】

Consult the following landowner list so that you can enter negotiations for buying and selling.

I guess the leader has examined it. A list of addresses and owners was written. It will be necessary to turn each one separately. This is also a nuisance.

【Three Oni Family】

To visit the origin of each demon, to negotiate and make friends.

Kaku Oni Family

Location                    ○○Prefecture○○Village・・・・
Favorite things          Sake
Dislikes                     Watanabe Tuna

Sō Oni Family
Location                    ××Prefecture××Island
Favorite things          Scandalous prayer
Dislikes                     Abe Makiaki

Koku Oni Family

Location                    Unknown
Favorite things          Unknown
Dislikes                     Human

So......What is this!

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33. Encounter in the Forest

~ Tatsuhiko point of view ~

An emergency landing of the transport ship and power failure following it.

I was confined in the room, but I think that there is an emergency lever somewhere, but from this position it should be around here.

I opened up a hatch and check the wall.

There was such a handle in the back, so I pull it to power. At first it resisted, but with a sound 'gatsu' ,the door have opened to the side where it inclines.

The ranch soldier was in the corridor, he was bleeding and collapsed.

"Hey, are you OK?"

There was no reply, there seemed to be a broken bones in some places, and the legs are turning in unlikely direction.

"Oi ...... this won't do, It will be awkward to wake him up in pain.
Let's just searches for the crew of the ship at this point.
I will call for someone who can help you right now, so please wait.
Do not push yourself. "

I knew it was useless, but I took a voice for the first time, and I headed for the cockpit. I am fortunate that the bow section has been lowered as the ship crashed as if it struck from the head. I go forward with like feeling down the slope.

Finally I arrived at the place like the cockpit but the door will not open again.

"Damn, again!
Hey, open up. There is an injured person"

I tried shouting as hard as I can but there was no response from inside.

"Fainted or not, dead - if you do, there is no way to enter inside ..."

I think it was structure that cannot easily enter the cockpit from the outside. Since there's no reply even if I shout, it is hopeless.

"Well, if it is only me who is safe here, the problem is pretty troublesome"

First, there is a way to wait for relief, but I do not know the current state of this star. I do not even know whether this is in the enemy territory or in the neutral zone.

Next, it was said that this ship was a transport ship. That means that it belong to a neutral city. It is not at least a warship.

"There is no reason for the army to come to a ship that does not own by the army"

Then, although there is a relief from the neutral city side, it will not trace the route in real time, and also if there is no rescue signal, I feel that I cannot expect it.

"Ah. I have no choice but to go"

It may be best to call in a nearby town for help.

"Nevertheless, I can't do anything with my empty hand, although I was saying empty things, should I tries looking at it at once?
Hopefully there may be small airship."

The light expectation dispersed immediately.

"Seriously empty!"

I cannot be like Minoru.

There were something like forklifts use in the warehouses to bring in luggage. After that, there is nothing left.

"This is for carrying packages ... Oh, this is a bipedal walking type ...... the difference in tire is its hardness.
Is this like a common thing...... Somehow I can steer this and call for help. "

There is a seat in the center, and it is of a type that carries loads with two arms.

"Most of these operations are common.
That is why everyone can use it ...... Now move! "

When the switch is turned on, a 'Buuun' sound and the motor rotated.

"Oh, it moved, as for the operation ....... This arm? This is how I am walking.
The balance is like an auto. Okay, that's fine. "

I can walk without problems even without control skills.

I operated a robot and opened the hatch with an arm.

"Hmm, do I aim at a town?"

According to the radar at the robot, the closest town was displayed about 100 km ahead. Pretty far.

"Also, quite good"

It was slow at first, but if you get used to it, you can speed up and move through the forest.

"Even if the balancer is excellent, there will be something about the fewer shaking.
Does being able to kill up and down vibrations so far convert to something different?"

Rather than raise the speed unnecessarily, I should progress while paying attention so that I could safely escape through the forest at a certain speed.

At that time, a sound like "Uooooo... ..." sounded in front of the trees.

"What is it? A fierce animal?"

I can't hide now. It has hear the sound of me driving at the forest.

Speaking of what I can do, I should not slow down and run straight through.

I should be prepared to shake off the hostile beasts even if it came out.

While judging with careful look forward, the tree in front moved.

There was something like a human face on the relatively large tree trunk, I can hear "Oooooon...." from there.

The tree ...... talk? "

The human face tree moved so as to stand in front.

"It moved! What being is this?!"

I remembered the famous trees on the Lord of the Ring but this is not such a fantasy world. If I think about avoiding it, it can move, should I go back and take a distance!

When I was thinking about it and my lowered speed for evasion, the tree person talked.

"Whoo Iss Itt?"(TN: The 'tree' talk with prolong words and was written in Katakana which is kinda pain to translate!!)

"... You can talk."

I wonder what should we talk about......

For the time being, I stopped the robot and I decided to look at the situation.

"Whyy didd youu enterr thee forrestt?"

"Well, Sorry I surprise you.
The transporting ship that I was on board had crash, and I was on my way to the town.
I'm sorry I entered the woods without permission.
Are you the inhabitants of the forest? "

"Samee ass youu, forestt, chased"

"Have you been chased of the forest? Wait, are you the true inhabitant to this planet?
The one who attack here is not my companion...... so I can't do anything. "

"Discussion, did not return"

"I want to talk but I have to leave.
I will look at this matter. Perhaps someone will consider it. "

"Slowly, Forest, Leave"

"I understand. I'm really sorry.
It is hard to imagine what happened.
I am in a hurry so I will go, but I will confirm this case seriously.
Please hide in the forest until then."


I detoured around the tree person and hurried ahead. There are still 40 km to go, I must absolutely arrive to the town.

~ Shino point of view ~

"Oh, it's noisy!"

"Wait, where are you going?
The story has not yet ended! "

Even if I escape, I will be chase anywhere. So stubborn!

"I am already fine, so leave me!"

"I will not go.
It is necessary to properly understand the correctness of the Sarnia Orthodox Government properly.
Why do you not understand that the one who is fault for this fight is entirely on other side?"

I entered my room and locked it. What is that? The behavior is strange. It is obviously biased.

To only blindly believe oneself, a field of view that does not allow others, if there is a different opinion even a little, it is treated as a non-nation citizen, And merciless for the person who is not a citizen like me.

"I'm glad she did not realize that I was pressing my own opinion, it's pretty troublesome ...."

Whether the soundproof is solid, the voices and sounds in the hall will not reach the interior. As I turn on the monitor, Gamigami-san is still screaming. Of course the sound of the monitor is off.

The figure of Gamigami-san disappeared on the monitor when I dozed off for a while in the bed.

"There is nothing I can do here"

The due date is still far. However, the idea is not hot. Rather, the tension is falling. It is also big influence of Gamigami-san who also misunderstood her justice as the justice of others.

"Should I run away?"

I call an operator from an indoor console.

『This is the official control organization. How can I help you? 』

『Hey ... I'm a person who is responsible for designing in the neutral city, but I have something I want to investigate on site, so can I go over there? 』

『I will confirm the room number.......Shino-sama. What kind of things do you want to investigate?』

『I want to see the surrounding topography and buildings, how to enter the light, and grasp the atmosphere of the city.
But, I do not need a specify time.
But since I only want to check on site, I really want to see it with my own eyes. 』

『How about your schedule of return?』

『I think that a one night stay on site is good.』

『Certainly, I got it.
So, Forinkusu-sama who is responsible to you Shino-sama will contact you... 』(TN: 
Forinkusu = Gamigami-san)

『Wait a minute!
She is hard to play because of her high rank!
If possible, can you give me a new one as an assistant?
I can not give up on this matter. 』

『... Well, is that so?
Then, I will attach one person in the general affairs. 』

『Thank you.』

It was grant unexpectedly easy.

『It is fine, it is for Shino-sama great efforts.』

The communication has end.

What's with that, there are people who I can speak properly. Perhaps, I pulled the short stick? Otherwise it would not be such troublesome.

It was a timid girl that was dispatched shortly.

"Umm ...... I am Tupanda Kutilus.
I do clerical work, my rank is associate second lieutenant.
Ah, that ...... I was assigned to Shino-sama care."

Different from soldiers, probably never been in battle. Instead, there are document creation, contact work, etc. It is like a rank for processing buildings that cannot be enter or documents that cannot be seen unless there is a certain level or more.

"Nice to meet you, I am Shino who came from the Planet Chance.
The first thing you need to do is arrange the foot that can move to the neutral city.
Do you know that I will design the venue for peace conference?"

The girl timidly nodded.

"Well then.
As you understand, I cannot design if I do not see the site.
So arrange quickly! "

"Ye, Yes!"

As she jumped over, the girl bowed and ran.

...... She look's like a rabbit. I should remember her as Usako.
(TN: Usagi is Rabbit in English)

They said that it is from general affairs, as expected such specialty.

It seems that the neutral city is on a military boundary line, so we will go by ordinary plane rather than a military aircraft.

"It must be quite fast to get here in a short time"

The three-seater plane arrived safely in a neutral city.

"It was a small seat, was it OK?"

"Ye, yes, Shino-sama"

I smile at Usako who is still nervous. Everybody can see her as an angel after Gamigami-san.

Suddenly, there was a noise from the depths of the forest, then a biped robot came over the fence.

"What? An enemy attack ...... but the neutral city is here."

Perhaps I should hide, I have not received any training, but I stared at a robot coming in our way.


It was Tatsuhiko who was supposed to be on the enemy side who was steering.

"Geh! Shino?"

What's wrong!

It was at this moment when two people who should not meet after two days, meet.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

32. The Truth of the Request

"I will tell you the truth of the request to the two of you."

Just before Tatsuhiko and Shino headed for Planet Sarnia, the goat merchant said such a thing.

"Hmm, truth huh, I have a bad feeling about it."

"Because we may not necessarily agree with their request and the result that happens by achieving the request this time, I wanted to talk about it for the first time."(Goat Merchant)

"I agree ...... I also had a bad feeling."

"I am sorry, although it inevitable.......
There are factions fighting over the ownership of the planet Sarnia. I think that it can be understood that it is divided into two camps and making a meaningless battle.
This time, with the work of the parties responsible for mediation of the dispute, peace conferences of both camps will be held."
(Goat Merchant)

"Conciliation ...... Then it is a system like the United Nations"

"Well, that kind of feeling"
(Goat Merchant)

"So there are races that often like to pin down their neck in other races allegations"

"A characteristic of a race is massive, there are some races who simply dislike fight as it is, and please think that there are also races who likes to interfere"
(Goat Merchant)

"It's a wide variety"

"Well, it was the first request that we should work hard to ensure that peace is achieved successfully this time.

I will tell you more in detail.
First of all, it seems that we had a lot of trouble with where to do the peace conference. After all, it was one of the neutral cities, I decided to set up a new venue and do it there."
(Goat Merchant)

"Hey, new venue ...... I think it's a big deal with just a meeting."

"In a neutral city, I do not know when the attacks of both camps are and they do not seem to have a big facilities because they hate being targeted.
For the time being, the battle action in the neutral city is forbidden at all.
As another race is currently working on arbitration, I think neutral cities will not be attacked. "
(Goat Merchant)

"Well that's okay, so what is our request?"

"We decided which side would set up the venue and eventually decided that the Sarnia Orthodox Army would be responsible for the building and the Sarnia Army would be responsible for the interior decoration.
I talked about the sale of the pendant decoration from Sae-dono, because there was a consultation that I could manage the peace talk more than the race who is mediating this time.
Then, the request was warped unnoticed, and it was led by both camps.
Perhaps I am thinking of a different request from their intention will be made. "
(Goat Merchant)

"If the request content is different, which one should we be given priority?"

"I will leave the decision to you.
Would it be appropriate to say that on this occasion, I am only in a position of dispatching human resources, and I think that we can give priority to each camp in the sense that we received a direct request.
However, it will be helpful if you remember that peace talk success is our first objective."

"I understood, for the time being, I will remember it"

"I also understood, it feel like a rather tangled story from the beginning"

"Sorry but I will have to trouble you, but thank you."

After that, Tatsuhiko was sent to the Sarnia army, and Shino was sent to the Sarnia Orthodox government army.

~ Tatsuhiko point of view ~

The bulldog military person introduced me to the other officers as a famous artist from other star system. It seems that I am meant to be one of the people who undertakes interior decoration in the peace talks to be held this time.

At this amount, the detailed story isn't probably not to be done even with a superior?

If it fails, then that it is, but if it succeeds they will announce it and intend to do it on hand.

"It will be in an unfamiliar base, you better listen to this person"

It was still a young man that was introduced to me. A young man with burned skin and a face with freckles looks like a boy working in a ranch rather than a soldier.

"I am
 first private, Annolog Nathus. Please inquire me with anything."

Basing at the age from earth, he seems to be 16 or 7 years old.

For example, even if he was conscripting at the age of fifteen, since it is a chronic internal conflict state, the training period ends in half a year and soon assigns to the base ...... Hmm, it is scary because it can be.

"It is OK to the extent of that you can answer, but how is the war situation like?"

"Our army is dominant"

I tried inquiring about it, but he did not have the kindness to answer in his own words.

However, when I ask an officer class, it seems to be misunderstood in a strange way.

Because it is a human type, I am not optimistic enough to think that there is no problem. It was necessary to know about what their thoughts are in the state of the prime, how emotions move, or to what extent they can be controlled.

"After all I would like to see people other than a soldier, but I have to get on a ship going to a neutral city."

The ranch soldier had a shrewd face for a moment, but he quickly looked up.

"A shipping ship is returning to Hitorokumarumaru will depart.
Would you like to board that ship? "

The reaction to such a fixed question is fast.

"Oh, let's do that."

"Then let's head to the east toward 8th hangar area 13.
I will immediately contact about boarding. "

It is more formal than I thought.

"Are you scared of your superior officer?"

"There are only excellent people"

That won't do.

Going to the hangar, there was a huge shipping vessel. Not only transporting goods but also one's that look like tanks that can carry tens of units.

"If it's so big, it will need quite a few people to move it?"

"It just a round trip to and from the designated route, the crew who is registered is just 2"

It was an extreme automation.

"Well, shall we get on that quickly?
How long will it take to arrive on our destination? "

"It will arrive in about half a day"

It is farther than I expected. When I got on the ship, a very good middle-aged man and a pathologically thin young man welcomed me.

"I would like to thank you for the journey"

"Your welcome, this is also a privilege to have a famous artist ride."

The story is quite fast. How far is it coming along?

I looked at the ranch soldier by my side, but his facial expression did not change.

The room seems to be a fine one for officers. The ranch soldier seem to stand on the corridor. I said it was good to enter, but he have no signs on hearing it.

I can't help it, so I told the ranch soldier to wake me when we arrived, and I lay down on the bed.

I closed my eyes and drowsiness came after a while. Leaving myself to a comfortable sleep, I gradually fell asleep.....


I was awakened by a heavy impact sound. An explosion?

The hull is tilted. When I look at the outside from the window I can see that our altitude is falling.

"It will fall!"

I hold onto the handrail at once.

Immediately afterwards, a tremendous shock hit the hull, I hit the floor and ceiling a couple of times.

"Ouch ouch"

When I raise my body, there are bruises, but neither bones nor internal organs are abnormal.

"Thanks to this clothes ..."

I thanked the clothes that the goat merchant gave me. Without wearing it, there is a high possibility that I was injured for life.

The room is switched to a red emergency light. The power supply went down.

Anyway, in order to join the ranch soldier, I tried to go out into the hallway.

"……Are you serious."

The door won't open.

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31. Request for the Two People

Author's Note: 

It is the start of a new chapter.

In this chapter, the story progresses from the perspective of Tatsuhiko and Shino.

"I will have the two of you wear this on your neck"

The goat merchant offered something like a white ribbon.

"Do I wear it like this?"

When Shino wear it on her neck, the ribbon attached to her, and after a while, it lost it's strength and came off.

"What is this?
I feel that something has come in one corner of my brain."

I grabbed the ribbon that fell at my hand and Tatsuhiko gave out a puzzled voice.

"You learned the language used in planet Sarnia now.
With this you will not bothered by words in that star now."

"Oh, I see. It is convenient"

"It would be better for you to listen to the content of the two people directly at the site.
First of all, if you dress as it is, both of you will be seen as a sneaky person, so we prepared a change of clothes.
Shino-dono please come here"

A change of clothes was handed over from the goat merchant.

Tatsuhiko is wearing a bench warmer, While Shino is wearing a long coat.

With this dress『Savage』was recognized, and two people were shocked.

Shortly after changing clothes, they looked at each other.

"Are you some female executive in a certain place"(Tatsuhiko)

"You feel like an imperial soldier officer"(Shino)

That close to military uniforms was unknown from the fabric.

"Protective blades, even bulletproof, and also shock resistant"

"You try it hitting yourself"

"Of course, it did not get through even if I stabbed it with a needle of a safety pin"

"It is common clothes of those civilization level 5 you two are wearing. Although it is resistant to cold and heat, you can not work in outer space, so take care. "

"Oh, yeah ... Once I got there, I will be already....."

"When it is a savage clothes anyway, I seem to become servile.
But I want this fabric. I would like to make two or three clothes of my choice. "

"It cannot be make without a special machine.
It is not even suitable for cutting cloth. "

"Ohh okay, is it really difficult to process it? It is regrettable."

"Okay for now I will explain to you two in advance that there is no transposition gate in that area, we will be heading by a merchant ship from now on, and also after we get to the planet, the communication on the bracelet will not work."



"Because they are in civil war, there are two powers fighting in that planet now.
Bracelet communication cannot be used because of jamming. However, if it is within the base camp, you can do it without problems."

"Does it mean that communication to outside the planet and communication to enemy forces is blocked?"

"Both interference wave interferes with each other in the dispute boundary line so both of them have no exception and cannot use it at all,"

"I heard it was only a simple request."

"The content of the request is not that difficult, it's just in a special place."

""I do not hear about that""

~ Tatsuhiko point of view ~

I was accompanied by the goat merchant and was brought in to a man like a bulldog wearing military uniform in the planet Sarnia.

"I am a lieutenant of the Sarnia Military, Yudi Morphodon"

"Tatsuhiko of the planet chance"

I was told by the leader to say it so. It is not very good to name the earth. It is seems to be the reason why others is not interested in making a partner, because of too much difference in civilization level.

"I believe Lieutenant Yudi, that this person will surely produce results that will meet your expectations."

"I do not doubt your story, but it is an story that is hard to believe."

The goat merchant sees it as a insolent politeness and the Bulldog military looks suspiciously.

They may not be very friendly, or they may not trust each other enough to build a relationship of trust.

"Well, are you not the same race after all?"

I tried asking a goat merchant.

"What, you!"

"Tatsuhiko, what is that ......."

"Since we were saying that there were many races who took in the genes of beasts, there are different possibilities"(Tatsuhiko)

As I looked, the bulldog soldier who was called lieutenant trembled with bright red face.

"Tatsuhiko, Lieutenant Yudi does not take in the genes of beasts"

"Oh, so .... Dog evolves from the beginning"(Tatsuhiko)

"He is a person, he has not evolved from dogs, even if there are somewhat similar parts, it is the category like Tatsuhiko-dono as same as human"

The behavior of the goat merchant is terrible in various ways whether you are upset.

According to what I heard secretly later, the civilization level of this lieutenant race seems not to be high. Interstellar travel was finally possible, and after discovering this planet Sarnia and beginning settlement here, it seems that the civil war has become two disturbances from conflict of interests.

It is said that it is a transition period of civilization evolution, and it will be destroyed by race conflict within 1000 years from a militant character. Of course they also know what they think so, but there is no sign of stopping the fight.

I was taken by a Bulldog military personnel to the briefing room and asked about the details of the request. The goat merchant has already left.

"There will supposed to be negotiate peace with the rebels in the near future, we want them to lose their fighting intent at that seat, you will make ornament that will want them to surrender. "

"How big is it and where to put it?"

"The place is in the waiting room, since we will set up a decorative table on the wall, it would be nice to put it on it.
To prevent spying, transmission scans are applied so we can not use machinery at all."

"Hmm ... well, there is nothing we can't do, but it is impossible to make such concrete actions like to want to surrender.
It's a level of impossible or too difficult. In the first place I do not even know the partner individual.
By the way it is easiest to appeal to the feelings of the other person.
It is not so difficult to derive the thought along it next.
However, the thought of surrender has no underlying emotion.
You can appeal to the opponent's guilt and let him repent, but it is as difficult as going to the police and letting himself in it.
Though it is such a nuance, do you understand it?"

"If so, how can we do that?"

"That's right ...... If you can not win against your opponent, let's make them fear, or remember their country, or encourage their hometown.
I think I can do it a bit more if I know the other person better.
Still, if I do not know what kind of thinking they have, none of them will be effective. "

If I will do it, I can do it, but I do not feel much.

"The effect is low ...?
Then you should go to a neutral city.
You will know a little about them too.
A goods transport ship will return in empty, if you ride it, you will be able to go. "

~ Shino point of view ~

I am drinking tea from Sarnia in the lounge.

I squint my eyebrow to the subtle aroma with my habit a little.

In front of my eyes, a female officers of human type repetitively claim their legitimacy and superiority. Of course I did not hear it.

"Those shameless rebel armies who slander the Sarnia Orthodox government, A savage tribe repeating slander without grounds! So we must carry out a crusade ........"

The way to dodge a noisy BGM is to make the inside of the head empty. Ah, tea is delicious.

"Even in the peace talks at this time, the foundation that prestige our orthodox government, beyond the bar of the barbarians, surely the correctness of our orthodox government ......"

Oh, I can also get this cookie. I wonder if it is a bit more.

"In the first place I do not think that a savage tribe can even build the meeting place. It is only with our orthodox government that income Temparon type construction method, and the barbarians can not even possess anything like that is a proof that their spirit is ambiguous and stupid, With the power of our proud orthodox government ...... "

I wonder if I can bring it to my room.


I feel like I can bring a tea set if I ask.

"... Are you listening?"

"Nice to meet you, I heard it all"

A female officer with a reckless impression knit her temple and spoken a curse words in a low voice.

"I am with the Sarnia Orthodox Government Army with a position of high military leader, Ran Forinkusu!"

Something like this, I hate this kind of biting tone. It is similar to the homeroom teacher at elementary school. A noisy place.

Let's call her Gamigami-san.

"I am Shino of the planet chance, what was I called here for?"

"To create the venue for peace talks that will be held this time ...... I explained it to you earlier?"

"Yaa, I did not hear it."

Gamigami-san gritted her tooth.

".............. To show the power of our orthodox government, as well as to make the building more delicate, and aesthetically pleasing!"

A typical euphoric person. I wonder if you are sacred by superimposing a framework of the nation by yourself.

"I'd like to draw a design for that.
But buildings cannot be done right away. Is it still on time? "

"If the Tempron type of construction developed by the power of a scientist that our orthodox government has it built, we can construct buildings that are no different from data in a very short time!"

It is annoying to emphasize each it one by one.

It seems that it can be made into a hard and light material by converting the Temperon solution into a material made from a very little bubble.

Very enviable. Earth's architecture is fighting against gravity.

"I will have you learn the operation method of the construction panel, but please think that what you designed using it will become a building as it is"

"Yes, that sounds interesting, right?"

If I want to actually use it, I have a simulator, so I decided to use it.

"Oh, you read the orders in your head."

I move my fingers on something like a large liquid crystal panel hanging on the wall. A line is drawn by tracing both straight and curved lines.

I could just order the thickness, shape, color etc of the line in my head.

"It's convenient for a lazy, but it looks like overtechnology."

The level of civilization is advanced from the earth, but thinking and emotional control are not different from earthlings. I can imagine what kind of tools and weapons they use and what they are.

As for the device that hinders the communication of the bracelets should have been purchased with a high price from other aliens.

This panel also smelled like that. Looking at the sophistication of the design, the feeling of operation, the function sees isolation of this civilization.

"It considerably looks like they overdo it. For vanity"

Anyway, although it is a building, it is not a big deal if it is not too big.

"Okay, I wonder if I can finish this as soon as possible"

I thought a little.

Author's Note: The 3rd alien was a human type.

TN : Shino and Tatsuhiko was separated! Tatsuhiko is in Sarnia Government, and Shino is in Sarnia Orthodox Government!

Monday, May 7, 2018

30. Oath of Five People

TN: This Chapter is long but full of info!! Finally the story is progressing fast!

Me and leader arrived at the star. We have jump here with the power of the ring, but until now I could only jump with only one person.

But judging from size and variety of the power that the ring could handle, I thought it was not only that. So I covered leader with a film of force and reflect in mind that we will jumped together. Then we were able to jump together as expected.

"Oh, so this is the ruins, there are lots of turtles"

Judging from the looks of leader, she looks happy.

"You came, I guess that is your company."

Prokame-san came.

"Oh, I'm Agano Sae, nice to meet you."

"I'm Daviehun Rougudie, who is in charge of investigating the ruins.
Have you heard about the history so far?"

"Roughly from Minoru"

"I will inform you that we understood two new things.
First of all, the plant species that were found in this ruin. It was put in a preservation container of a type that does not deteriorate. I only have confirm it based from the looks, but I think that it is the same as the one from the another ruin. "

"Oh, what kind of seed?"

"It is a rare plant, and also a native from this star.
If you use it as a medicine, i'ts effect was to increases blood"

"Increase blood... .. Was it for vampire?"

"Even knowing the components of blood by technology, it is not artificial to produce exactly the same blood.
There is absolutely no need to rely on such plants.
If this seed raises hallucination or spirit, it can be predicted that it will be used for some ritual, but even if we say blood growth, it did not immediately increase it, it is just the extent that the speed at which blood increases is quickened without heart."

Soothing degree.

"Is there no other effect?
For example, you can use it for mind control, or handle emotions."

That, it's about Tatsuhiko, Shino, and leader.

"There is not such a useful effect.
Since we can distinguish 100% of plant components, there is no room for questioning."

In other words, the seeds of plant that which promoted an increase in blood with soothing degree were stored carefully.

"Oh well, what else?"

"I understood that it was a mistake that they had high civilization"


"I do not know what kind of development stages their race has undergone, but the lifestyle and the level of civilization are obviously too different.
In other words, it is a repetition of missing links."

"Can you elaborate?"

"Their civilization levels is one that live in houses that consolidate soils by using worms, as the ruins in front of us tell the story. Although it is the result of appraising what was left, such as lifestyle and everyday tools, the results of our fellow thoughts are the same. "

It is not realistic that the tribes that would have come from outside the star have only civilization at the level that lives in the caves.

"That means that there are races who helped others."

It as expected from the two things we excavated from the ruins.
The thing with the civilization level of the tribe who have helped.
And the other thing that belongs to the original race that made this ruin "

"The latter is the type of plants with blood-raising effect.
And the former is it's storage?"
(TN: Meaning the storage of the preserve plant is made by the high level species while the plant is made by the lower level species.)

Well, I studied about the plants in the ship's database, but it was too numerous to identify.
Next, I examined everything that caused some action with own blood, such as those that lack blood due to race characteristics, those that use blood for ceremonies etc. "

"It seems to have huge amounts"

"I narrowed down the tribe that I knew more, and narrowed it down to what it was not possible to tell which species it belongs to.
Furthermore, I narrowed it down by things of 30 thousand years or earlier, and one strange thing was on it.
A lithograph which was written with mixing own's blood with special paint and wrote a pattern.
Although there is only one discovery in this case, I tried putting it on the database of the entire universe "

"Hey, is it not dangerous?"
I thought this data is still to be kept secret. "

"Access is done from an independent end, so there is no problem.
It was concluded that post-research on the special pattern is not listed, it is something that allows jumping in a different kind from the transposition gate.
Based on this information, many of my colleagues got into thinking. Do you want to know the result? "

"Of course"

Prokame-san told me that not all of them had come back from thinking yet.

"There used to be a special race somewhere in this universe, they had only a level of civilization that does not even have iron-making techniques.
However, they draw a pattern with the paint mixed with their own blood.......In other words, by drawing a magic square, it might have made space leap possible.
Perhaps it was a species with weak legs, and living in a planet that might not be able to go out easily because of the harsh environment.
Either way, as the need evolves, the technique evolves, the pattern becomes more complicated, and in the end it has made it possible to jump to the universe beyond the stars. "

"Wait a moment, is it imaginable?"

"It is a story made by only our thought.
It's is still half of the story, so please listen.
Everyone who stretched out to the universe was swallowed up in outer space and became a person who did not return.
That is so. There is no density than a dust floating in the atmosphere, such as the stars floating in the universe.
But rarely, by chance it happens that there were people who came to another star.
Probability is less than one millionth of a million, but the probability does not make sense in talking about the universe.
They could leap to another star. Moreover, to a star with technology enough to make interstellar possible."

"It's a tough first contact"

"I do not know what story was done there, but the races they encountered backed them up and they got a foothold to go out into the space.
Perhaps even making blood with artificial blood, they could not reproduce the specialty they had. It is the spirit that lives in the blood, just like genetic magic.
Magical skill that can only be used with blood that increases blood and creates by itself .... Well, it was such a thing.
After that, for some reason the mother stars disappear, they live hiding in several stars.
It is a ruin where it was discovered.
They guessed it was not safe after that. So they got on a spaceship and left for somewhere.
It was destined to erase each star as soon as the remaining ruins were discovered.
It is such a place."

"...... So it's like that the story you've seen"

"I do not deny it.
In other words, connecting the contents of the thought results will be such a story. "

"So what will happen to this ruin now?
What is important from a story is that race, and nothing of the past ruins that are nothing can not be regarded as dangerous. "

"There are few people who have thought about it, so it's nothing to say, but the suite Crown Race who has the crown may be involved."

"Crown race?
It is a race with a very exaggerated name"

"It's literally a race that drifts like a king.
If you put it in the category of living things, it's quite extraordinary. It has a shape like an airship and its size is about the Japanese archipelago. It lives in a giant star swirling electromagnetic waves and lives in a wind pool that can be created by electromagnetic wind.
They have eternal youth and Immortal. It is an existence that all attacks do not work"

"What the heck"

It's a cheat.

"Any energy and mass bearing objects will be absorbed if it enter their body, so attacks will not work.
They may recieve damaged if there is no energy and no mass. "

"But that is so..."

"That's right.
They have eternal youth and Immortal.
I have never heard of a story that lives tens of thousands of years and has reached the end of its life.
Well, the old individual gradually gets smaller and finally seems to be absorbed by young individuals.
The purpose of their race is simply and clear.
Just to live.
That is the only purpose of a race with the name of the crown and it seems to be the purpose. "

I wonder why such race is involved in the rich flourishes of small races.

Therefore we cannot meet them.

"It was the race who won the crown that managed the database of the universe until a new race was discovered.
Tens of thousands of years ago, they had the database administrative authority.
If they do not tolerate tampering, there should be some data left."

"They are hiding something ...... though I would like to say"

"It is a story with possibility, but I cannot help so but think"

"If it's hidden, we will reveal it.
That is our share. By the way, how long is it until we reach the the origin of that race?"

"It's about five days if we use the phase route"

"Oh, I want to go see it for a moment so please put it on that ship.
If we do it well, we can solve the mystery at once."

"If that's the case, I do not mind...... but can you solve it?"

"I will say that it is all right for the time being
I will have another crew with me.
...... It is ten days by return trip. We will be on time until the graduation ceremony. "

Would you care about the graduation ceremony to go to see the race that can be said to be the king of the universe?

"I know, for the sake of knowledge, everybody on the mother ship will cooperate.
Oh yeah, I remembered one, but would you like to name this star?
If we put a name in the database it will be substitute in place of coordinates, so even if there is access from somewhere, we will be able to prevent the location of this star from being known at the water's edge."

"Yeah, Minoru, you should try putting something on it"

But suddenly being said so, I have to thought for a name ... but there was something that came into my mind.

"Chance, how about a planet chance?"
(TN: Written in katakana "チャンス")

I did not dare say the meaning of it.

"Hmmm ... So it's chance, let's register it."

After talking about some things after that, we returned to the earth.

Returning to the new house, our hand has increase.

"Long time no see, Miya"


"Five people gathered in this"

Everyone gave a nod to me.

"So..... should we do that first?"

"Oh, I thought so and I was preparing with Tatsuhiko"

Tatsuhiko brought a sake and his own creation cup from behind.

After first pouring out sake to the cup, leader speaks.

"Our five people was gathered again by the summon of Minoru.
Minoru, is it a difficult thing to do? "

"It is a difficult thing to do"

"Then, with our oath at the Taoyuan, we have the power"(TN: not sure about this '桃源')

"""" With power """"

We drink the sake in the cup then throw it on the ground and crush it.

A case where for the first time we five people cooperated, an oath was made at the scene where a religious corporation Taoyuan religion was destroyed.

When we encountered problems that we can not solve by our own power, We strike with the mail【ORDER】. If you receive it, we rush anything and work hard to resolve it.

That oath will also be fulfilled.

Of course it was a leader who came up with this, because the place was Taoyuan religion, it was probably a joke. However, the oath was real. Past several times has the【ORDER】was invoked, and five people gathered. And this time as well.

I gazed at the four people who will lend me power.

By the way, the cup prepared by Tatsuhiko comes with a value of 1 million yen if it sells to a good house.

To my surprise the leader was contacting goat merchants several times while I and Tatsuhiko were cleaning up and preparing the enclosure of the field.

"The plan to be rented is in place.
So, let's go. "

""Today?!""(Shino & Tatsuhiko)

"Well, at first it will be light. So go think it as a preliminary test."

"Haa... But I just came."

"As for me, I just finally finished physical labor at last"

I understand why Shino sighs, but as leader is always with quick prompt decision, I think that it was expected.

Because it is conspicuous to use the car of leader, I got to the truck and leader, Tatsuhiko and Shino rode on the carrier. While Miya was supposed to ride to the passenger seat to learn the way to the field.

The goat merchant was already waiting at the transposition gate, and his runny nose was dripping. He seems weak to cold as usual.

"I have been waiting for you"

"Oh, I will introduce one new person, this is Miya, that one is the goat merchant"

"It is Fudierit Mason. Miya-dono"


"I rent two people right away, but is it good?"


"Haa..." "Yes yes"

"Well then, I will keep you then."

Also, how's the translating of those moe?"

"I finished translating and adjusting the fine nuances.
We are already ready.
As the reputation of his subordinates seems to be superior, I hope to meet your expectations."

"Well, let me step on it more and more.
And ... I'd like to ask, is there such a race there? "

The change was abrupt.

The nose of the leader grows thick and stripes appear on the face. Subsequently the body bulged slightly, both hands became about twice as thick.

"Is it a tiger ...?"

He is spreading his eyes wide. Though it is a merchant running through space, do you not get used to suprised?

"Oh, I thought that this is a singular constitution or a throwback, but I think that there is a possibility that my ancestor is an alien.
I can easily transform, but fangs and tails do not grow.
Physical ability jumps explosively, but it does not rise too much even if we go on beasting.
It is such a story, is there something in mind? "(Leader)(TN: Yep! She transform)

"Our ancestor incorporates the omnivorous and herbivorous genes.
Those who have genes of large carnivorous animals are not included in our race.
I saw it in other races. "

"So it's a miss.
Well, I did not expect too much.
Well, at the time of implementation of the Beast Beautification Plan, I intended to go there, but the schedule is tight.
I may contact you later on, and I will ask various thing. "

"I understand"

"Well, just in case, there is a possibility that a malicious fellow will come to the star.
Well, it may be rare, but an accident is also conceivable.
When the transposition gate can not be used or broken, Minoru may not be able to return to the earth.
Even if we get in touch with a bracelet, we can not go pick him up.
That's why I would like you to provide one means to return to the Earth without a transposition gate. "

"To the top of the transposition gate, there is also 【Jump Gate】. It is expensive to own with individuals, and it is not in my hand.
On the other hand, it is inconvenient, but there is also something called【Call Stone】.
It can only mark one place, but it is a stone that can return to that place.
The distance does not matter, but it has to be within 100 kg by weight. "

"That's fine, because only Minoru will return"

“How it will do about the compensation?”

"I ask it to be a bonus"

“......Particularly, it is not expensive, but as expected that”

"The Divided Notice ...... There are not two in the universe.
It is also magnificent, It should be troublesome to find it.
It is an exchange with Minoru, If you acknowledge each other I will say nothing.
But I just want you to give a little bonus. "

"......... Is not it a bit pushy?"

"I know.
Still I am thinking that you can give extra things. "

"............ It is the last time"

"I am saved"

The goat merchant just simply handed down the Call Stone unexpectedly and explained how to use it.

After that, he disappeared from the transposition gate with Tatsuhiko and Shino.

"Miya, how about that?"

"It seems that 200 billion lives were saved and trade destruction could be avoided"

"Oh, I do not know how it was used, but it looks like it was used for good things."

"In addition, Tatsuhiko and Shino also have no problem.

"It is good. You did well, Miya"


That's Miya ability is related to what the leader said that rent a hand.

Miya ability is passive. She can read what the other person is hiding. All secret is exposed. Therefore, at the stage where she took the place of negotiation, we will sure to win it.

The goat merchant seems to think that the hands to be cut here are only 2, but in reality it was not so. Miya is our joker ... ... right? Well, did leade call me like that before?

Sometimes the leader seems to be mistaken. It's a new discovery.

"Well, after this I and Miya will go out with the turtles.
Minoru, you remain in the stars, if there is something you must protect the star.
When you understand that you cannot defend it, pull out.
Please depend on Yoshiki and Hideki for this problem.
We are going through that story."

"I understood"

Oodachi Yoshiki and Kusagakure Hideki. It is the director and deputy director of the law firm to which the leader belongs. Together who were told that they would not fall behind even if leader fought one on one on them respectively, there would be no problem unless the opponent was an alien.
Anyway, We have five people at once, but it seems to fall apart again.


Was it better that I did not receive that star?

Author's Note:

It was rush, but became the tentative end.

Next time, it will be a story with Tatsuhiko & Shino point of view by entering the new chapter.

Was it better that to put a story of Sae perspective before that?

In the next chapter, we will continue to talk about the mystery of the ruins with Sae and Miya.

Minoru is house-sit.

There is no schedule of "Beastman and Moe's Exposure" from the goat merchant's perspective.

As I write it thinking that I had never forgotten to write something, perhaps I might have forgotten.

In that case I would like to fix it.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

29. What to do on Earth

TN: I will change Minoru 'Car' to 'Truck'. But it is a Farm Truck. A two seater with carrier on the back.

I asked Prokame to continue the investigation on the ruins then I decided to return to Earth.

Since I came as far as mobile radio waves can now reach, I call leader, but it did not reach.

She is probably busy. Although there is a hand using the bracelet communication device, but when using it on the earth, while there is someone with you, it may seems strange, so I will not use it except in emergency.

As I am not in a hurry, it will still be okay tomorrow.

I think the leader is also busy. She would be doing the arrangements for purchasing the house and also other various contracts alone. Because she have the most real handling capacity among us, it is a better to do it by myself rather than leaving it to the others.

In that case I cannot interrupt her, so I went to bed early after dinner. There are many thing to do tomorrow.

I got up the next morning, the leader was sleeping in the living room.

She smells of liquor.

When I look in the entrance, father was at the living room, sleep as if having ceased to breathe. After all he also smell of liquor.

"I messes up!"

I thought that she might have worked a lot yesterday, but did she drink?

When I look closely, I saw the powder shop owner turning over at the entrance. Of course he smell of liquor too.

"You too!"

I understand what was happening.

When the contract of the house is over and the talk has ended, someone said "Would you like to go to for a cup?" It is just right that it invited father and drink as it is until the morning.

Because there was a pen on the top of the kotatsu, I wrote "meat?[肉]" on the forehead of leader, "medium?[中]" in the forehead of father, I was worried a bit but I wrote "Rice?[米]" on the forehead of the powder shop owner.

My mother in the kitchen gave me advice "Your a big man. You should not be dominated by a girl" Then I answer "I'll think about it", and "Ha..."(Sigh SFX). I became tired just this early in the morning.

When I am eating toast and omelet as it is unworthy of being a breakfast of a farmer, my father and leader came in wobbling.

"I troubled you yesterday. Gee, it is shameful"(Leader)

"It's okay"(Father)

It is father who answered greatly, who also have the same sin. "Ha..." I sighed in front of him. In early in the morning.

There is no figure of powder shop owner. I wonder whether he is still wobbling back home.

While my father, was told by mother to do a lot of work.
"After all, rice is tasty in the countryside" And leader was eating a farmer-like breakfast. It is rice and natto and spinach.

After breakfast, I called leader to my room and exchange information with each other.

Sure enough, the house contract is done, it is said that she had paid the price. Also surprisingly the story of buying the field was also attached. My father seemed to have been properly examined it, and it seems that it was said that around 3 million yen would be reasonable as the buying and selling price of the field. I told the powder shop owner that it would be okay for that, so the story was settle without me.

Of course it seems they are being made with parent-child prices, so there is no objection on me. It is a secret to my father, but it was actually leader who pay.

As for me, I told about Prokame story to leader as it is. leader said she will only to ask the story once.

The fact that there is a possibility of a dangerous ruins, it is an inconvenience to the migration plan for the future, but it was cool on the surface.

"Oh yes, there was contact from Miya"


"It is soon after parting ways with you, I heard that she seems to be in a place where she could not use a mobile phone, I did not know anything about this. So for the time being I ask her to go back to Japan, I told her to contact me when she can now use her mobile phone"

Miya often goes out to conflict areas in recent years. then she found a secret police person, found spies and traitors, found a hideout. She only have to find it.

"Okay, So Miya will come back"

Miya will surely be more useful than I am with my luck.

"In the earlier story, Miya may have a bite on that story too, it is the first time to hear a detailed story at that Turtle-san place"(TN: Miya can probably solve the mystery of the ruins easily with her power!!)

"Since the investigation has just begun, I think it will take a while"

"If so, let's clear up what we can do now."

I have been getting very busy everyday starting from that day.

First we cleaned up the new house we bought. Buy a set of cleaning tools at the home center and polish the floor and walls and others. Meanwhile, leader made a phone call to other things and was doing contracts on electricity and gasworks. As for that? I did not clean it.

I continued cleaning every day, then I received a lots of luggage. I thought it was leader's luggage, but it was Light Novel. I guess it was probably make to sent to someone, leader was so motivated.

Since a large amount of Light Novel is disturbing, when I contact the goat merchant, he said "I will specify the coordinates, please send it from the transposition gate".

I loaded it onto the truck and carried it to the transposition gate and transferred only the same baggage. Very convenient. I made a round trip for three times.

Trade was established successfully in the sale contract written by leader for the field. My father did not say anything particularly. I think that we will probably make a vegetable garden seriously.

Of course these are secret to my brother. Every-time I consult with my father, I do it at where my older brother is absent. Not to mention my father is a man of few words, and my mother chatters is not whimsical, so it will be totally silent. When it came out, he seems to be one to revolt.

Tatsuhiko came over at the end and clean the main building and the extension building. When I told him about the new house, He was happy to start cleaning the workplace. Yes, I left it as it is. When I thought that I could take a break, I was told by the leader to keep the garden organized. Decades of crap are scattered in many places. It certainly looks bad, so I will collect it in one place.

As for leader "I will briefly go to Tokyo" and passed with Tatsuhiko. Although she seems to leave the residence of Tokyo as it is, she arranges her luggage of moving and she said the she need to face the law firm to which she belongs.

"In addition, I will bring a car here as well"(Leader)

Although she was saying it as if it's trivial, but I think that a yellow Celica GT painted custom-made is conspicuous.

Together with cleaning of the workplace and cleanup of the garden, Tatsuhiko and I went to the home center, purchased a single tube pipe and simple cement, and headed for the field.

I would like to purchase furniture etc, but when I contacted Shino, I was told that the interior would be left as it is. So I decided to leave it because I was told that if I put something of bad taste she would go out of control. It is troublesome because she really is violent.

I already accustomed on the way to the field. The was pipe loaded on the truck carrier and it made a Klang-Klang sound. Still I will need to do round trip with it, when I become aware that I will not be able to carry it entirely, I became serious and stopped wanting to escape. I do not have a flexible body like Tatsuhiko who usually makes an art object.

There is no use to complain, so I decided to work.
We poured the cement into the holes we dug out at equal intervals 
and insert the pipes. Then we make a pillar one by one while locking it with a wooden frame. Two men worked in a physical labor from morning till night, and the fence that will enclose the field was completed on the third day.

When we finished building a windbreak net and making an entrance with locks, we were pleased and hug each other. I do not want to do it again. As it did not have a deeper meaning in that embrace, so don't tell Shino.

The leader had returned from Tokyo long ago when we were sweating while working. I think that it was okay for her to help us.

As for the house that we cleaned, repair was necessary. It is not an urgent matter, but it will become an issue if you notice it. When I tried to let Tatsuhiko do it, he said "I make a wonderful sign in the farm" and brought it to the workplace. His not available.

I brought the tool out from my parents house and decided to repair it myself. I also thought that I was a versatile with many skill, but my father often ask me to helped him to fix things, so I remember it.

When all kinds of matters were completed, the leader asked, "By the way, what happened to the investigation of the ruins?", and I contacted Prokame.

The investigation seems to have advanced a lot. There were many things he understand, but as it still need to investigate, it will still need days to finish the investigation.

When I says, "I want to take my friends over there", it seems that it does not matter at all.

Apparently, some of the turtles who came with the spaceship already seemed to have entered in deep thought, so it seems that they are free and waiting.

When I asked leader, she said "I will go right away," so I bought a pack of sasami at the supermarket and decided to go to the stars after a long absence.

Just after that, I receive a communication that Miya has joined Shino in Tokyo and came out here.

All five people will gather in line after a long absence.

Author's Note:

Because story does not advance as much, the pace was increased.

I originally understand that it is a right way to push forward steadily repeatedly.

I think that I will write it in one go even if the next chapter become longer.

TN: And the next chapter is really long!!